Rejoice Not Over Me, O My Enemy

Rejoice not over me, O my enemy - when I fall, I shall rise!  When I sit in darkness, the Lord will be a light unto me.  Micah 7, verse 8.

This song is Bible verse set to music, Micah 7:8, with:

  • A piano arrangement in two keys for accompanying in Sunday School, and
  • Lead sheets with chord symbols for guitar or piano.  (I haven't finished these yet, but will try to get them up in a day or two.)

Here is page one of the piano accompaniment, in the key of F:

Music for the Bible verse Micah 7:8,

You may notice that this tune and setting have a distinctly western sound - even an American cowboy song sound!  

That's okay; it is fun to sing and energetic, and kids often like this flavor of music.

The left hand uses a "boogie" pattern that drives it along.  

Going into page two, the right hand jumps up an octave, while the left hand doubles the rhythmic pattern.

Page two of piano accompaniment for song

At the end of the song, the last two measures are repeated to allow room to sing the verse reference, and finally, the right hand jumps back down ("loco" - which could be said to mean "Go back to the original LOCATION of these notes").

Below are a couple of close-up looks at the music, in the key of G:

A closeup look at the Bible song Rejoice not over me, in the key of G.  For piano.

And page two:

Bible song with a boogie pattern in the left hand.

As I mentioned above, I am not done with the lead sheets yet, but will try to get them up shortly!

In the meantime, see below the links to PDFs of the piano accompaniment music.

The links for the piano arrangements:

Download "Rejoice Not Over Me" for piano in the key of F

Download Sunday School song in the key of G

Thank you for visiting!

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