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Download free music sheets for your church, home, and children's groups.  You can also see the music before you decide to download it!

This is written music, not recorded music.  It is music to sing, or play on an instrument.  And yes, it is free.

A Bible verse set to music - "For God so loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son"

Bible Songs

Verses from scripture itself, and also accounts or stories from the Bible.

Singing the scriptures helps greatly in memorizing Bible verses.

This is a site focused on Christian music.

Other faiths have their own body of tradition and music, but I am celebrating here the truths of the Old Testament and New Testament embodied in the Judeo-Christian heritage.

Coventry Carol piano sheet music for Christmas

Christmas Carol Lyrics & Sheet Music

Christmas carol lyrics celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Check out the carols on this page.

Essentially, the music on these pages upholds these beliefs:

  • That the Bible was given to humanity by God through a chosen line of people through whom God could demonstrate his workings in the lives of ALL people
  • That the Bible stories make up one over-arching STORY - like a great myth that you have heard, from long ago... only, as C.S. Lewis has said, this is a TRUE myth.  The "stories within a STORY" form a mosaic of many pieces, and like a hologram, you can take any small section and find within it the whole picture.
  • That the Bible is without error as originally given by God, and its truths are unchanging.

The truths are unchanging?

Why would I say such a thing?  How can an ancient document, written by dozens of men over hundreds of years, convey truth accurately?

The Bible describes mankind completely accurately.  Not only am I "wondrously made" and "set a little lower than the angels," but my heart is also "desperately wicked."  Two seemingly contradictory states, which lead to the conclusion that...

I am in need of a savior.

I'll Fly Away - a famous old hymn with an energetic new arrangement for piano.

Church hymns - lyrics, sheet music for piano & melody instruments

Also, guitar chords and tabs for your worship group or Sunday School class, all in one place!

Old favorites, and unfamiliar hymns too, all with new and even beautiful arrangements.

These beliefs are also supported by

  • That "man" - humankind - has fallen through disobedience from their original state.  No longer is fellowship with a transcendent and perfect being, our creator God, possible.
  • That God, because he loves and is love, has made a way for us as individuals to re-enter that greatest of relationships.  This is the story of "The Scarlet Thread," which continues through history for thousands of years.
  • And lastly, that we know SO LITTLE.   The more we learn, the more we see that humanity is in its infancy of learning knowledge.  To reject God requires that we think very highly of ourselves! 
A song about the meaning hidden in the first ten names of the geneology of Jesus Christ.

The Scarlet Thread

"The Scarlet Thread" is a story thread - story songs about the unfolding of God's mysterious plan.

This narrative, thousands of years old,  includes the story of the Jewish people and God's preparation of the coming of the Messiah.  

God will keep his promises.

You will not find support for "Replacement Theology" on this website.

What's that?  That is the notion that God has given up on the Jewish people and permanently disinherited them, thereby breaking His word given ages ago to Abraham, and again to Jacob, and to David.

God's plan continues to unfold.

One hundred years ago, pastors were spiritualizing the promise God made to the Jews that they would inhabit Israel.  Then, in 1948, "Israel" was re-born, in a single day, just as Isaiah 66:8 hints.

"Who has ever seen anything as strange as this?  Who ever heard of such a thing?  Has a nation ever been born in a single day?  Has a country ever come forth in a mere moment?'

Therefore we can trust God

God is still working and waiting on the Jewish people, who rejected the Messiah - as He said they would, initially,  in Isaiah 53. 

They have been blinded, in part.  And indeed, all of humankind only perceives a little of God's design.

"But now we see through a glass darkly, but then face to face.  Then, we shall know even as we are known." 

As we are known?  God knows every hair upon our heads... how amazing to think that one day our knowledge could be like that!

What is required of us?

What is required on our part?  An understanding that we are alienated from God.  Knowing that we "miss the mark."   Then?

 Only desire, and a choice.  A desire to know him, and then a choice to accept the gift he offers, because that is the path to a relationship with him.

It is a path that is fair to all.  Paul the apostle wrote to Titus, 

"Not by works of righteousness which we have done, but according to his mercy he saved us, lest any one should boast."

The youngest and feeblest who can understand may come, as well as the wisest and most capable.

Why I can share this music

All of these songs are either public domain or original pieces written by me.

Because of this, I can share the music with you.

If you are searching for church or worship music that has been written in the last 50 - 75 years, you probably won't find it here on Sing The Bible Story.  That music will still be under copyright, and you must look to buy it.

Music that is under copyright is not free and both have great collections of music. has some digital music (meaning that you can download and print it right off their website), and lots of "hard copy" music (real physical books and sheet music). sells entirely digital music.  They have a good search engine, and a wonderful policy of allowing visitors to download a free sample of the first page of music they are considering.

Thank you for visiting!

Night sky with stars

Interested in beginner & easy piano music for your piano, voice, & guitar students? Check out my other website,!

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Esther, For Such a Time As This, the Easy Piano Edition

This digital download version in the key of Em, with chord symbols, is greatly simplified.

Your piano students will be able to handle this one!

Also available at Amazon as a paperback.

The Adventures of Tonsta is a book about a young lad traveling over mountains and fjords from village to village, encountering trolls and helping folk in distress. A good read-aloud.

The Adventures of Tonsta

A perfect read aloud storybook for little boys or girls. 

The Adventures of Tonsta highlight the travels of a very young Christian lad with a good heart, who goes about helping folk in trouble.  

With a red cap on his head and a sack of tools slung over his shoulder, Tonsta seems to meet people in distress wherever he goes.

Lots of trolls in this book.

Available at Amazon!

The story in song of Queen Esther in the Bible

Esther: For Such a Time as This

Download this beautiful songbook telling the riveting story of the attempted genocide of the Jews in ancient Persia, and the brave young queen who risked her life to change the king's mind and save her people.

Also available as a paperback at Amazon!

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