Silent Night Christmas Song
Lyrics & Sheet Music

Silent Night Christmas song lyrics & sheet music for singers & piano, a pretty and satisfying arrangement.

The peacefulness of Silent Night

This wonderful Christmas carol has a way of stopping the hurry of the soul; of quieting one down, and bringing a feeling of peace.

Silent Night sheet music

A repeating left hand part

I usually make the accompaniments to melodies more varied than this arrangement of Silent Night on the piano, but I wanted for this hymn to be able to be learned quickly.  

There are still some difficulties in the right hand, such as the parallel thirds and occasional sixths, but these also repeat several times.

Silent Night piano sheet music

Take it up high in the second verse

It is a lovely contrast, adding freshness to the music, when the register changes at the end of line one:

Music sheet for Silent Night

Verses 2 & 3 are on page 4

sheet music to Silent Night

Another register in verse three

Christmas sheet music Silent Night

At the end of line one on page three, the melody descends again to the middle register, making the music feel fuller.

Silent Night sheet music piano

Silent Night lyrics on the last page

Silent Night lyrics

The key of C is easy to play - but high to sing!

The high "F" that is found toward the end of each verse is TOO HIGH for most Sunday morning singers... congregations do find themselves dropping down an octave to finish out the final phrases.

However, the other key offered on this page, Bb, is about as low as you would want to go!  It is more comfortable for most singers (though more difficult for the pianist).

The history of Silent Night

The Silent Night story, as I have read,  tells how the song's lyrics and tune were composed for a Christmas Eve service to be played on guitar, as the church organ was broken because mice had been nibbling at the bellows!

That's perhaps just a legend, though it isn't impossible...

The writer of Silent Night was a young priest, Joseph Mohr, in 1816. Two years later, the music was composed by schoolmaster and organist Franz Gruber in 1818 at Mohr's request, just in time for Christmas.

The piano sheet music links:

Download Silent Night Christmas song lyrics & sheet music in the key of C

Download the sheet music to Silent Night in Bb

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